Find the True Causes of Chronic Illness That Other Physicians Overlook

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Functional Diagnostic Medicine Case Studies

In your upcoming issues of Clinical Rounds, discover:

  • The nine tests that makes up a comprehensive cardiovascular profile (Miss two of these labs, and you increase your patient’s risk for a stroke)
  • The overlooked lab test to include in all fatigue work-ups (Supported in the peer-reviewed literature but rarely ordered)
  • A common parasitic pathogen associated with arthritic pain (Eradicate this to ease your patients’ suffering)
  • How to manipulate the hypothalmic-pituitary-axis in anxiety cases (This is the opposite of what most have been led to believe)
  • The four ominous signs (red flags) that indicate you have a serious problem on your hands (If two show up, you’d better get moving and do something for your patient immediately!)
  • An important blood marker in carotid artery atherosclerosis (A must-order test that provides vital information on level of risk for a stroke)
  • A CBC differential pattern for psoriasis vulgaris (A simple thing, but surprisingly often, patients are told it is normal when it is not)
  • Three labs you must not forget to order in aphthous ulcers – canker sores
  • The potential toxigenic impact of theses molds and the bizarre symptoms they cause (Much more prevalent than you would think)
  • Three environmental chemicals all physicians should look into for every patient with depression or bipolar symptoms